Dear graduating postgraduates,

The Graduation Ceremony for postgraduates will be held at Jiangning Campus.Please cheak the following details.


Date:  June 21, 2023 (Wednesday)

Address: Sports and Cultural Center (Gymnasium)




For overseas graduates: 

Start time:  13:50 (Beijing Time)

Internet broadcastPlease scan the QR code on Wechat or Weibo to watch.

Requirements for Dress

Male students: wear long dark trousers, white shirts, wear ties or bow tie. 

Female students: wear formal wearplain-color skirt. Slippers are forbidden.  


Shuttle Bus Timetable

Changzhou Campus: North Gate(北门), Bus:苏SBL016

Departure Time: 11:20 a.m. (Return Bus will depart after the ceremony at east gate)


Xikang Campus: Near Hehai Pavilion(河海馆),No.9 Gate, all students and staffs will leave together

Departure Time: 12:00 (Return Bus will depart after the ceremony, at east gate)

 Jiangning Campus :

Please get together at Sports and Cultural Center at Ground 13:20.

Timetable for Ceremony

1. Dress well with your Cap and Gown 

2. 13:20 Enter the Cultural and Sport Center, please find the seat according to the following seat arrangement map, all ladies please sit together.

3. 13:40 Watch video

4. 14:00 Ceremony Start

President of Hohai University deliver a speech

Special guests deliver a speech

Mentor representative deliver a speech

Representative of student deliver a speech

Vice-Chancellor announce the decision on conferring degrees.

5.Degree Awarding Ceremony(Doctor, Master )

  Doctoral Student: (7 persons/group)

  Master Students: (12 or 13 persons/group)order of Master Students:  

Doctoral students take the stage according to the order of site arrangement, and master students take the stage according to the order of college. Please follow the counselor's arrangement to queue up for the stage.

1School of Law

2College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower

3International School

4College of Earth Science and Engineering

6. School Song Singing  

Seat Arrangement

P.S. School Song of Hohai University - 校歌《大哉河海奔前程》


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