Notice on Winter Vacation of 2017
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专业生寒假假期为: 116日(周一)~ 217日(周五)

218-19   报到注册; (联系人:103房间 李老师)   (带学生证,未按时报到奖学金将停发奖学金), 不能按期报到的学生请写信给:  报告原因。






Notice on Winter Vacation


Dear International students

The period of winter holiday for Degree Programme students will be from January 16th (Monday) to February 17th (Friday).

Registration date:  February 18th – 19th, (Please bring your student ID card).

Contact : Ms.Li,  Room 103

For Scholarship students: who miss the registration will NOT receive the scholarship payment. If you cannot register before the due day of registration, you need to get approval for your absence in advance. Please send Email to:

The degree courses will start on February 20th.

   International students who won’t stay in the University during the holiday should inform the teachers of International school before leaving. 

January 28th is the Spring Festival. Enjoy yourselves and take good care. Degree students should make sure to be back on time.

International School

January 5th, 2017