The Bank of China Card Available Name List on 21st September.
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The following students,


The Bank of China Debit Card is ready for the following students,as you did not pick up your card, please go to take it from Bank of China (Mogan Lu Branch), which is 2 bus stops(No.3 Bus, at Mogan Lu stop 莫干路) from our main campus.Or wait until the next group of students' cards are ready.


序号 Student ID Name Sex Passport Mobile Bank Card No Card
239 M2016047 OKINE LESLIE G1168361 18262635292 6216631200000509132 Available
283 D2016074 ALINA KPOTEHKO 530728577 18652935323 6216631200000508878 Available
323 1601010134 JALLOW MAMUDOU PC476861 15720806998 6216631200000508365 Available