How to use “Hohai University Management Information System of Graduate School” (International Student Part)
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 “Hohai University Management Information System of Graduate School” (International Student Part)



Management Information System.pdf 


1. Every student should select course in this online system, and the lecturer should give the mark through the system. Otherwise, the student CANNOT get the credits.

2. Please pay attention to the campus of courses. There are three campus in Hohai University, main campus, Jiangning campus and Changzhou campus. The courses of Changzhou campus will be shown “10” in the title of course. For example, [2015LXS03]中国概况(Introduction to China(10)). Please be sure that you have chosen the correct course. If you don’t attend the course or take the exam, you will not get the credits.

3. Please check “Regulations of Application for Course Exemption for International Graduate Students of Hohai University”

Every student should submit the application of exemption both in online procedure and to our school. The mark will be shown as "exemption" if your application has been approved.