2017 Fall Comprehensive Courses - Lecturers
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Dear International Students,

Here is the arrangement of Comprehensive Course - Lecturers of 2017 fall.

Comprehensive course (2015LXS06), which contains “University Orientation”, “College Orientation” and some lectures offered by the International School, is the REQUIRED course for all the graduate students from 2017. Every International Graduate students MUST attend FOUR(4) lectures at least according your timetable and your interests.

Please log in the online system for graduate students (http://yjs.hhu.edu.cn/) to register the comprehensive course. (P.M. => Register for Comprehensive Quality Classes). Please pay attention to the deadline of registration. If you don’t register online, the credit will NOT be counted.

Thanks for your understanding!

International School



请在选课截止日期前登录研究生系统登记综合素质课(网址是http://yjs.hhu.edu.cn/ P.M. => Register for Comprehensive Quality Classes)。如果没有在网上登记,学分将不能被计入成绩单。





2017 Fall Comprehensive Courses - Lecturers
序号 Topic Lecturer Time Place Deadline of Registration Brief Introduction
中文 英文
1 如何开展科学研究及学术论文撰写 Academic Research & Academic Publishing Success (International Students ONLY) 束龙仓 2017-10-31(TUE.) 14:00-16:00 ZHIGAO B201 Jiangning Campus(致高B201) 2017-10-27 Apart from rich professional knowledge, the cultivation of the foreign students should also focus on improving their academic research abilities. This course aims to meet the needs of academic researches of international students, trying to further enhance the students’ abilities of academic researching and academic paper writing.
2 科学研究与工程应用中的模型艺术 The Art of Modelling in Science and Engineering (International Students ONLY) 周曾
Ian Townend
2017-11-28(TUE.) 14:00-16:00 ZHIGAO B201 Jiangning Campus(致高B201) 2017-11-24 This project will invite Prof. Ian Townend, member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and well-known scholar in hydraulic engineering, to deliver a lecture entitled “The Art of Modelling in Science and Engineering” to the foreign students. The lecture will introduce the types, model abstraction and establishment, applicability of various models, as well as some modeling techniques and philosophies in scientific research and engineering practice.
3 水利科技创新的中国法律保护机制 Legal Protection On Innovation of Water Resources Science and Technology in China (International Students ONLY) 顾向一 2017-12-5(TUE.) 14:00-16:00 ZHIGAO B201 Jiangning Campus(致高B201) 2017-12-1 The development of economic depends on water conservancy. The reform and development of water conservancy requires the support of science and technology. In China, the innovation and development of the water science and technology was blocked due to the lack of patent protection. Students could understand the legal protection of water resource technology innovation, from the perspective of intellectual property to understand our patent system.
4 中国传统文化中人的“天人合一”观在心理学中的运用 The Psychological Application of the Idea of Harmony of Man with Nature which Is the Core in Chinese Traditional Culture (International Students ONLY) 施春华 2018-1-9(TUE.) 14:00-16:00 ZHIGAO B201 Jiangning Campus(致高B201) 2017-1-5 “Harmony of Man and Heaven” is one of the core concepts in Chinese traditional culture which has influenced Chinese social development as well as life status in the past thousand years. Because substance is only the surface of culture, the deeper level of culture is psychological, “harmony between man and nature” ideas essentially affect the main ways of thinking (ie. organic, holistic, intuitive) and the experiential characteristics of the Chineseie. peaceful and introverted. The purpose of the seminar is to help the international students in China know the main values of Chinese traditional culture as well as the underlying psychological thoughts in order to promote their cultural understanding and adaptation.