How to use Hohai University Graduate Education and Teaching Management System
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2021.1.22. Update Graduation and Degree Application function

2020.11.13. Update Course Score Query function

2020.11.13. Update course exemption function

2020.10.26. Update course make-up application function

2020.10.3. Update course retake application function

2020.9.23. Update new online system



1. 系统地址

Website for the system

学生端 For Student

2. 研究生教育教学管理系统使用手册

User Manual for Hohai University Graduate Education and Teaching Management System

文字版本Text version

Chinese Version


English Version

 操作说明User Manual.pdf

3. 选课问题重修申请功能使用说明

Course selection questions and description of the same course retake application function (for old students)

Chinese Version


English Version

Manuals of retake courses for old students.pdf

4. 补选申请功能使用说明

Application for by-election (runoff/make-up) course


5. 课程免修功能使用说明

Application for Course Exemption

Application for Course Exemption.pdf

6. 课程成绩查询及成绩单打印功能说明

Course Score Query and Transcript Printing

Course Score Query and Transcript Printing.pdf

7. 毕业与学位申请功能使用说明

Graduation and Degree Application

Chinese Version

毕业学位操作指南 中文.pdf

English Version


视频版本Video version